Shuffle Cards
Each player will take 7 cards shuffled randomly

The Jacks
Red Jacks can remove cards of opponent if not in SEQUENCE
Black Jack can add chip in any empty place

If player has 5 chips in a line (vertically, horizontally, or diagonally), it will be one sequence, and If player has 2 sequences, he/she will be winner

Any player can use chip in corner (black chip) to have SEQUENCE.

Playing Chip
Player selected card and add it in the empty place

Replace Chip
In Offline mode (Player vs Computer), player can replace card by tapping on button on corner.

Black Chips in corner

These Chips can be used by any player to collect SEQUENCE

Player must play one card in 60 seconds, otherwise player will lose this game.

Win Strategy

Try to add chips near to your old chips
Block other player from making 5 chips in a line
Use red Jacks (if you have) to remove opponent chips
Use black Jacks to create your SEQUENCE 

Game over

If one player has 2 SEQUENCES, this player will be the winner of the game

Last Played Card

Game will highlight the chip with blue color, so player can know his/her last playing card.
Game will highlight the chip with green color, so player can know last playing card by oppoenet.

Empty green box
It means that opponent remove your chip that was in this place